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While construction litigation can be complex and confusing, Attorney Whims has been a licensed contractor since 1998. He has testified as an expert in construction cases, written dozens of articles, and given numerous presentations on construction matters. This background and experience uniquely qualifies him to guide clients through construction litigation cases.


Attorney Whims is the former President of the Home Builders Association, was an executive board member of the Home Builders Association for 8 years, and continues to teach part of the state licensing course for other builders to become licensed. He has litigated and tried cases for both contractors and homeowners.

Why Do I Need a Litigation Attorney?

Whether it is a home or a business, construction is a major decision—not to mention a major expense. You trust your contractor, subcontractors, electricians, plumbers, and others on your construction team to get the job done right. When that doesn’t happen, it’s important to know about your rights. While in most cases you should be able to resolve the issue with your contractor, in some situations legal action is required.

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